Erewhon Venice

The first thing to know about the Venice Erewhon is that parking sucks—the store's tiny lot sits right on the edge of Abbot Kinney Blvd. and most spots are reserved for valet. But the brick-walled shop makes up for its design flaw with a few nice touches. The hot bar lives right up front, the side patio has a vine-covered pergola, and, according to our calculations, this is the only location in town with a six-foot jerky wall next to the checkout line. Expect to see the usual packs of people in pilates gear slurping mushroom matcha, as well as shoppers who seem to be interested in seduction and salad in equal measure. Come by on a Sunday to witness what we've determined to be the horniest of Erewhons. That includes people making flirty eye contact with a kelp noodle daddy next to a bunch of Swedish tourists who just biked over from the boardwalk. 

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