Erewhon Pacific Palisades

Rick Caruso gutted the Palisades of all charm, but one thing his latest mall development got right was Erewhon. It’s a palace with free underground parking. Marked signs point you to an elevator that drops you off right inside the store. Aisles are so wide, a Cessna could safely land in them. The smoothie bar has foliage just for funsies. Oh, and there’s a coconut soft-serve machine. Unlike the layout of some Erewhons, the produce section lives up front. This means regulars (i.e. people born into generational wealth) barely have to enter the store to do their daily shopping, keeping the hot bar traffic-free for everyone else. Afterward, take your bounty to the bucolic front patio for a meal that resembles lunch at Ina Garten’s house. Store-bought is fine.

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