Erewhon Calabasas

In order to brainwash yourself into believing that $30 is a reasonable amount of money to spend on “oxygenated” water, the Erewhon shopping experience must be delightful. That’s not the case at the Calabasas location, which serves pure Kroger realness. Yes, this is one of the larger Erewhons in town, with a spacious hot bar and huge wine selection, but its newly developed strip mall location doesn't feel quite luxe enough for the brand. Valet attendants will not offer you complimentary beverages. You won't even find a ridiculous scene to make you chuckle—customer demographics range from teenage girls using mom's credit card to buy the Emma Chamberlain smoothie to families feeding their 4-year-olds gluten-free mac & cheese. At least there’s plenty of parking.

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