Endless Color

If you took a natural wine shop, a retro vinyl store, and a pizza parlor, threw them all in a blender, and dropped it off in Topanga Canyon, you’d get Endless Color.  The space looks like Burning Man meets Pee-wee's Playhouse: you’ll spy wiggly light fixtures, blob-shaped tables, and giant disco balls hanging above the cactus-lined patio. It’s casual enough to drop by after a day at the beach, but still cool enough to go out of your way for after an impromptu photoshoot on Malibu Pier. A huge chunk of the menu is dedicated to Neapolitan pies with puffy, charred, and blistered crusts. But they also serve a pretty good cheeseburger, chicken tenders, and a few side salads. If you need a whimsical departure from the stiff and stark dining rooms we’re all so used to, you’ll love it here.

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