El Cielito Cafe

Doubling as a social enterprise, El Cielito Café prides itself on serving farm-direct coffee, ensuring Latin American farmers receive their full cut of profits. Besides its ethical sourcing, this South Gate shop also makes excellent pour-overs with various blends originating from Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Brazil. Each one has its own unique flavor that ranges from nuttier notes to sweet fruit and dark chocolate. El Cielito also makes great sweetened drinks that come in flavors like churro, horchata, and our personal favorite: the champulatte. A champurrado and coffee crossover, this drink has the butteriness of corn, the molasses flavor of piloncillo, and subtle kicks of cinnamon. It’s something that tastes distinctively Mexican, but with the same warm feeling you may get from your favorite holiday time latte order.

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