Dae Sung Ro

Nights at Dae Sung Ro feel like drinking beer in a cooler version of your friend’s backyard shed (with glowing neon signs and the smell of barbecued fatty brisket rather than old fertilizer). If you’re coming to this small KBBQ spot in Koreatown with a group of three or more, get the beef combo. The set's banchan selection is pretty limited, but you'll likely be too distracted by hearty chadol doenjang and four cuts of meat—including sweet-marinated short ribs with the marbling of Italian granite—to mind. At $82, Dae Sung Ro's combo is a good deal for the amount of food you'll get. Round out your meal with a la carte sides like kimchi fried rice and cool, salty naengmyeon with young radish. That's what you'll ultimately be thinking about on the car ride home.

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