Offering some of the most unconventional chicken on this guide, Cluck & Blaze is an example of hot chicken adapting to LA. For a hearty, spicy, and cheesy breakfast, this spot’s monster-sized Nashville breakfast burrito is guaranteed to heal whatever ails you. Available at both Long Beach and Glendale locations, it’s filled with hot chicken that’s nicely fried on the outside, but still moist from generous slatherings of red chili oil. It also comes with scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, tater tots, a spicy cream sauce, and more sprinklings of the chicken’ spice rub for that little extra something. But to make things even more interesting, go ahead and order your burrito “Jerry-style,” which comes with over-easy eggs instead of scrambled. The whole thing then gets toasted on the griddle with a melted cheese crust that’s seared onto the tortilla because, well, why not?

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