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Bike Shed Moto. Co

Perfect For:Getting Work Done

Too-big-for-their-own-good cafe/workspaces open fairly regularly in the Arts District, and on paper, Bike Shed Moto Co. appears to be the latest addition to the group. But while this biker-friendly hangout spot is indeed massive—the 30,000 sq. ft. space comes complete with a clothing store, barber shop, tattoo parlor, and members only bar— what sets it apart is the delicious food coming from the kitchen. The menu is almost as big as the space, so we recommend sticking to the burger section (the grilled turkey burger is particularly juicy) or going all-in on the Bike Shed Breakfast. Served with breakfast sausage, black pudding, beans, grilled tomatoes, bacon, eggs, and toast, this is the kind of hearty English breakfast that’ll keep you full for the entirety of your remote working session. 

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