Bar Next Door

What’s this now? A legitimately laidback neighborhood bar…on the Sunset Strip? If you have trouble believing it—we sure did—head to Bar Next Door to see for yourself. The dime-sized space on the west end of The Strip (over by Soho House) gets crowded on the weekends, which is why we stick mostly to Sunday through Thursday visits. That’s when you’ll find a laidback space filled with coworkers, friends, and solo drinkers all hanging at the bar and sipping fantastic cocktails. The signature drinks are named after local Weho landmarks like the rum-based La Cienega and The Viper Room, which is essentially a suped-up pisco sour. The names are definitely a little cheesy, but no one cares because they’re delicious. We particularly love the Olive Drive, which tastes like a floral Vesper. They don't serve any food, but if you get hungry, you can always head next door to Prince Street and bring a slice or two back.

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