Bar Clara

Bar Clara sits above Hotel Per La in DTLA serving good cocktails and a solid menu of Mediterranean-ish dishes. This sprawling space has everything you want in a rooftop: good views, a large pool you’ll dip your toe into at some point, and a laidback crowd that’s not afraid to throw back some cocktails on a Saturday afternoon. The biggest difference between this downtown rooftop bar and others is that you won’t have to wait in a long line or pretend you know the DJ to get in here. This is more of an easy-going, post-work spot than a well-known party place, so you can usually walk right in and get a table without much fuss. Their citrus scallops and harissa prawns pair perfectly with a spritz by the pool, plus they’ve got some tender steak and stuffed snapper on the menu if you’re ready for a whole meal.