We all have that one friend in life. The friend you call when you're happy. The friend you call when you’re sad. The friend you call when you get back from an overseas trip and accidentally shit your pants at work and need someone to bring you underwear. THAT FRIEND.

Just as essential as that friend is, it’s even more essential to have that restaurant. A dependable neighborhood spot you can go to for any occasion, know exactly what you’re going to get, and will never be let down. Art’s Table is that restaurant. Unlike many places along Montana, Art’s Table feels truly for the neighborhood. You can easily stroll in after work and have a meal and a glass of wine by yourself on one of the high-tops, or plan an early in the game date where you're completely in control (read: ideal). You could bring your parents or out-of-town friends, because you want to show them there’s more to life than TGIFridays and the 3rd St. Promenade.

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The food at Art’s Table is consistent. Is it the most fancy or mind-blowing food on Montana Ave.? No. But it’s well-priced and reliable. No weird specials or limited menu here. The food mostly resides in the American comfort food zone, from “sloppy” fries (yes, they put sloppy joe sauce on fries) to meatballs to short rib pappardelle. And it's all good. So no matter what you (or your mother’s) mood is, Art’s has you covered.

The vibe at this stark, modern spot is certainly casual, but not overly so. Art doesn’t need to see you in board shorts, and neither do we. Throw on a pair of jeans, and you’ll be fine. And while Art's isn't small, it’s not gigantic either. If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan ahead, reservations are a good thing at night. But if you’re fine with outdoor seating, their sidewalk table game is strong, and we're almost always able to snag a few seats quickly.

So bring your folks, your kids, that Bumble date, or dear friend who brought you clean underwear. And revel in the fact that when you're at Art’s Table, they always have your back.

Food Rundown

Brussels Sprout Casserole

In a very un-LA fashion, these puppies are smothered in cheese sauce and served in a cast iron skillet. And they're excellent.

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Salmon Latkes

This isn’t something we’d typically order, but we were pleasantly surprised.

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Art's Garlic Guacamole Toast

Look, we get it. Everywhere has "the best avocado toast." This is by far our favorite in LA.

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Short Rib Parpadelle

This is heavy. It's one of those plates that when served you say, "Oh that's so big, I won't eat it all." And then you do, and you're embarrassed.

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Onion Crisps

The onions are really thinly sliced and lightly battered so these aren’t as heavy as one would imagine.

'Tana Cobb

You know those times you go to dinner and you’re starving, but you want to act like you don’t actually eat? You order a salad knowing it’s probably not going to satisfy you and you’re secretly crying inside? Not the ‘Tana Cobb. This thing is huge and you'll actually feel fulfilled after.

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Kale Salad

Not as serious of an entree salad situation as the Cobb, but a good starter to share.

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Millie's Meatballs

Just like grandma used to make. These are on the smaller side, but they certainly aren’t lacking in flavor.

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Grandma D'Alessio's Hash

If you are hungover while at brunch, you need to order this. It’s like the most amazing crispy potato hash topped with short rib and a bunch of other delicious crap on it.

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Chicken Oysters Po'Boy

Think of this as tiny chicken fingers shoved into a roll and topped with everything you’re not supposed to eat but love doing so.

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There isn’t any. Art’s Table is beer and wine only.

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