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Aloha Food Factory

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Although Aloha Food Factory’s name makes it seem like their food is being produced on an assembly line, what’s actually coming out of the kitchen couldn’t be further from that. Located in a little shack off the 710 in Alhambra, the menu here is filled with hearty, affordable dishes that are made exactly the way you’d have them in the 808. The kalua pork is moist and cooked to perfection, and the Hawaiian Breakfast plate, which is served all day and comes with three eggs and a protein (we like it with Portuguese sausage), is what every child in Hawai’i eats with their family on a Sunday morning. But what you should be focusing on here are the macadamia nut pancakes. Although we have no idea what exactly is in the sweet, fluffy, ambrosia-level cream they top it with (the menu simply reads “secret cream sauce”), what we do know is that it floods our brain with so much serotonin it might biologically be a problem.

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