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We love you South Bay. Land of beaches, bros, and binge drinking. If you’re looking to chill with the USC greek system or partake in a costumed bar crawl on another country’s independence day, this is your paradise. Gone are the tourists of Santa Monica and the grime of Venice. In its place is the squeaky clean beachside Americana our parents wished Los Angeles was more like. But despite the crowded bars, bustling boardwalks, and enough pick-up games of beach volleyball to give Misty May a sand rash, the South Bay has been slow to jump on the red hot food scene train currently circling its big brother to the north.

Luckily though, someone has taken notice and is well on their way to changing such perceptions. At Abigaile, they’ve provided the neighborhood with a legit farm-to-table micro brewery experience that will appease just about everyone. With an adult-friendly dining room, a nice outdoor balcony, an active bar, and large upstairs dance-floor slopfest, Abigaile gives you pretty much everything you could possibly come wanting. And thankfully the space is large enough that the different versions don’t necessarily bleed into one another.

The menu is your prototypical new-age American cuisine with some crowd-pleasing twists. Their red curry short rib is excellent, and the P.I.G. “pop tarts” might even be better. Most plates are easily shareable and extremely well-priced, so be the SoCal beach royalty you are and order away.

Abigaile is situated in the heart of Hermosa, making it the perfect jumping off spot for a Girls Night Out or otherwise rowdy group dinner. Hermosa Beach will always ooze with the postgrad charm and frenzy that makes it what it is today. While you’re here, may as well add on some quality, mature #EEEEEATS to go along with all the fun.

Food Rundown

PIG “pop tart”

Make no doubt about it, there’s nothing appealing about the sound of a pig poptart, but don’t be fooled. This is savory, flaky greatness and one of the best things on the menu.

Abigaile review image

Red Curry Short Rib

How have more people not thought of doing this? Literally if you put this on a menu, we will come and eat it. It’s just that good.

Moroccan Lamb Kibbeh

It’s the spicy tomato fondue that puts this in the elite category on the Abigaile menu.

Salt N’ Pepper Prawns

This isn’t going to jump off the menu at you, but you should definitely order it. It’s simple, clean, and a perfect appetizer.

Vietnamese “Pho” Salad

Is this the spiciest salad in town? Very possible. Another great appetizer for the table.

Roasted Brussels

This dish is definitely skippable. It sounds delicious on paper (with bacon and goat cheese) but the thinly sliced sprouts just do not work here.

Fresh Burrata

Don’t screw this up. Order the burrata.

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