Wiltons is a class act. This place has been open since 1742 and it’s one of those classic London establishments where you feel like all recent Prime Ministers have conducted saucy meetings in their velvet green back booths, and that at least 20 notable affairs have either started or ended at the glossy bar. It’s home to one of the best oyster experiences in London and the steak tartare is also entirely fabulous, but when a restaurant like this chooses for their mascot to be a fancy little lobster dressed in a top hat, then you know you need to get involved in some lobster action. You can opt for grilled, newburg style, or a classic thermidor, but be warned that the prices are sky high. Of course, eyeing up their paintings, suited-and-booted servers, and the feeling of gobbling up a slice of London dining history is all very much included in that price.

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photo credit: Alex Maguire

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