The Parakeet

Each and every time a new gastropub opens, a wholly unoriginal tweet or think piece is spawned. The Parakeet is a restaurant inside of a spruced-up pub in Kentish Town, and that’s that. The slightly gaudy dining room—with wood panels, stained glass, and distressed brickwork that screams late 2000s east London curator—is separate to the bar. And the staff are eager to explain the wood fire-cooked menu that’s come from a couple of Brat alumni. Some things hit, like a juicy smoked mutton sausage or the gooey spider crab croquette. Other things like ox cheek, less so. For NW5 locals it’s a marvellous spot and it's hard to imagine anyone luxuriating in their enormous booths not having a lovely old time.

The Parakeet review image

photo credit: Justin DeSouza