I hope you’re humming Panini by Lil Nas X right now. In fact I need you to, because that’s what I do inside The Green Truffle, an unassuming and brilliant Italian deli on the Roman Road. Most recently, it was as I crunched into my scamorza, mortadella, and marinated artichoke creation. The lyrics went something like: 'Hey panini, you’re tasting pretty creamy, thought I wanted you to go but now I’m glad I ate you sitting.'. It’s not my best. But the produce in here is. Choose from bresaola, multiple salami varieties, mortadella and a whole load of other meats to pair with smoked provolone, scamorza, and all varieties of formaggio. Choose wisely and hungrily, and get ready to fight the urge to come back here immediately.

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