The Good Egg

Like all good eggs, this Middle Eastern-inspired Margate spot is cheerful and supremely likeable—plus a great place to get brunch classics. Just like its London siblings in Stoke Newington and Soho. You’ll sit down with a single thought in mind—eggs. But then treats on the counter catch your eye. Babka with a chocolate swirl, speckled, sesame pastries filled with feta, and gooey cookies. We can save you some time—get everything. The skillet of shakshuka is a staple for a reason. It’s a hashtag-no-filter combination of pink pickled onions, orange gooey eggs, and crispy, deep green capers. A spoon of this with the punchy preserved lemon yoghurt, smeared on the fluffy pita is the perfect brunch bite. At this point you might be sinking back against the chalky pink walls, fit to burst, but get some counter treats for the road.

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photo credit: Emily Hai

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