The Cheese Barge

The Cheese Barge sounds like a good idea. Cheese… on a barge… what’s not to like? Unfortunately quite a bit. Although the novelty of eating on a boat is appealing, the casual restaurant, permanently moored by Paddington station, misses the mark. Things that sound good—like curried cheese curds—turn out to be an overwhelmingly rich plate of tough, fried cheddar slathered in too-sweet chilli honey. And stichelton and beef bourguignon pie is a disappointment with half-melted slices of blue sprinkled over the top. The cheese boards, however, feature an impressive range of producers. So for a post-work catch-up or low-key date night on a boat, the move is most definitely to share a bottle over some Baron Bigod and Gorwydd caerphilly. Especially when the charming roof is open in warmer months. After all, what’s not to like about cheese on a barge?

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