Randall & Aubin

Contrary to what Gloria Gaynor might think, it is entirely possible to have fun without the presence of a disco ball. But they do help. Soho institution Randall & Aubin not only has a disco ball in the dining room but it’s also one of London’s go-to spots for excellent seafood. You can’t go wrong with the native or Irish oysters, but know that if you’re rolling with a group it’s worth getting involved in the plat du fruits de mer, which includes everything from rock oysters to a whole dressed crab. The hospitality is spot on (they'll swoop in at just the right time to replace your plate when it's becoming too full of shells, but isn't overbearing), the playlist is set to disco dance, and there's a frisson of party energy in the air. Maybe that disco ball does help after all.

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photo credit: Randall & Aubin

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