Neden Urfa

Despite Neden Urfa’s proximity to one of Clapton’s most popular pubs, you shouldn’t mistake this little kebab shop for a place that’s best suited to a post-beer situation. That’s because once you look past the unassuming exterior offering the usual 10pm dinner suspects - kebabs, wraps, burgers - you’ll find a family-run spot making east London’s finest lahmacun, amongst other things. Bread, as it should always be, is key here. It’s rolled out fresh in front of you, verging on transparently thin, before being baked to a crispy but perfectly chewy consistency. Add the spicy mince of a lahmacun, or the juices of a kofte skewer, to the craters of this warm flatbread (plus a mix of deliciously tart, fresh salads) and you have something close to perfection.

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