If you’re someone who regularly flirts with the idea of a ski season holiday, predominantly because you like the idea of sitting in a chalet and eating goulash, we have a feeling you’re going to like Haugen. From the outside, the huge multi-storey restaurant, bar, and rooftop in Stratford gives Dr. No’s Verbier holiday home. Inside they’ve really committed to the Alpine theme, with shag rug blankets on the chairs and a spectacularly gooey cheese spätzle on the menu. The food here won’t alter your perception of time and onion jus, but the XXL hot dogs are a real feat of frankfurter engineering and perfect if you happen to be hungover after one too many beers ‘on the slopes’ (read: a terrible bar in Shoreditch). It’s a massive space, so it’s perfect for those last-minute group meals or for anyone who needs to hide from the cold weather with a cheese fondue. 

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