Hannah Japanese Restaurant

We’re always going to have a real soft spot for a restaurant that declares the fish it uses ‘are locally sourced… but nothing from Sea Life Aquarium’. Now that you can rest assured that you’re not about to eat the puffer fish you just witnessed floating about on the other side of County Hall, you can fully appreciate all of the futo maki, charcoal grilled eel, and white fish rolls this charming Japanese spot near Waterloo has to offer. If it’s lunch you’re after, then the daytime à la carte menu and their takeaway bento box offerings should definitely be on your radar, but it’s their evening omakase that’s the real highlight here. A 10-course tasting menu that is equal parts ice-bowl-giant-platter drama and excellent sashimi simplicity, it’s a no-brainer for grown-up birthday dinners and big-ticket date nights. Yes, it’s expensive at £165 per person but the service is exceptional, the long sake list is full of rare options, and watching the chefs in the open kitchen is better than 90% of the shows we’ve snoored through in the West End. Honestly, Hannah is one of the best omakase experiences you can have in London.

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