Chatsworth Bakehouse

Chatsworth Bakehouse is a tiny bakery in Crystal Palace with big queues and viral, pre-order sandwiches that sell out online in 60 seconds (yes, we’ve timed it). The spot itself is the size and colour of a postage stamp, and the only seating is a single wooden bench outside for devouring gooey, chocolatey cereal cookies on. People flock from all over London to try the weekly changing menu of focaccia sandwiches—and they are excellent. Thick, dimpled wedges of focaccia have golden, crispy crusts and bookend fillings like tuna with a creamy basil and garlic aioli and tangy balsamic shallots. The rest of the menu is just as good—a rich vegan brownie, bigger-than-our-head loaf, and slices of grandma-style pizza on Saturdays. The food is fantastic but can any sandwich truly merit selling out in seconds? Probably not, but getting any of the food here still feels like you’ve found Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.

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photo credit: Emily Hai

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