Bodega Rita’s latest reincarnation in Farringdon continues their tradition of internationally-inspired flavours and textures to produce sandwiches, tacos, and even chocolate milk that stands out from the norm. A sloppy joe with house ‘Old Buoy’ spicing, a vegan aubergine parmigiana, and fennel roast pork belly with five spice mayo are all on the menu of their little lunch spot on Cowcross Street. These are messy, filthy, moreish subs that require a pile of lemon fresh wet wipes and slow zig-zagging meander to a more comfortable seat afterwards. ‘The Second City’, featuring au jus-dipped beef and a brilliantly burger-like combination of provolone piccante and American mustard, as well as chilli oregano pangrattato is a delicious car crash of taste and texture. Which is, basically, their remit.

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