Berenjak Borough

Berenjak is a loud, busy Persian restaurant by Borough Market where walk-ins are turned away with a polite, “Tonight? It’ll be a couple of hours.” The space is crammed with people jostling over lamb rump kebabs, squeezing into seats next to open cabinets stuffed with glassware, and most of the exposed brick walls are covered with artworks. The best seats are at the counter where you can enjoy the buzzy atmosphere and watch bread get tossed on the grill in front of you. In short, don’t expect a quiet night at Berenjak. It’s for times when you want a sensory overload and strong negronis. Although the bill can quickly stack up, the best dishes aren’t the pricier, showy platters of meat, they’re the baked flatbreads for dipping in tangy mast o musir and smoky mirza ghasemi.

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photo credit: Berenjak

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