Último Porto

Último Porto is a mostly-locals spot that’s a bit tough to get to—it’s located in the middle of the shipping containers in Alcantara, and you have to either drive through a shipping dock to get there or cross a foot bridge at Rocha Conde de Obidos. Your efforts, though, will be rewarded: eating here is like having a big barbecue in the middle of the docks.

Start with the chocos trinchados, or diced grilled cuttlefish, and make sure you splash them with plenty of vinegar. Order the red mullet fish if it’s on the menu, but if it isn’t, know that you can’t go wrong with any of the seafood that’s caught fresh from the North Atlantic. A tip: when eating seafood in Portugal, don’t discount the tomato and onion side salad. This is almost as important as the fish itself, and is a perfect way to punch up your meal with a bit of acidity.

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