Cervejaria Ramiro

Not going to Ramiro when you’re in Lisbon is like going to the beach and not putting your toes in the water. It’s the most important seafood restaurant in the entire city, and the line usually stretches around the block. (The wait is real, but worth it.)

Once you sit down at a table inside this renovated art deco building, you’ll witness a constant waterfall of beer mugs slammed (cautiously) on tables. Start out with the stuffed crab, gambas à guilho, and some bread—it’s great, so don’t be shy about eating the entire tray. Two other things that should be on your table: the medium rare steak sandwich that’s slathered in mustard and a vodka lemon sorbet that comes in a champagne flute.

If you’re planning on visiting toward the end of the summer, note that Cervejara Ramiro is closed from August 6th until right after Labor Day.

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