Sweets Raku

Back at home, dessert is usually a pint of ice cream, no bowl, and two episodes of whatever new show your Netflix algorithm suggested. But you’re not home and there’s no way your friends are going to let you go to the hotel, because they know you’ll never come back out. So when you have some time between dinner and the rest of your night, and you don’t want to eat yet another creme brulee or molten lava cake that’s on every restaurant menu, head to Sweets Raku. This spot in Chinatown has a few savory dishes on the menu, but what you’re here for is the Chef’s Special dessert set - which, since you’ve already set the bar high for the night, should be complemented by the $7 wine pairing. The desserts here can only be described by short paragraphs, things like a white chocolate cup with pie crust and strawberry mousse served with strawberry candy filled with strawberry sorbet and condensed milk mousse.