Shanghai Plaza

Though it’s really more of an outdoor shopping center, Shanghai Plaza is home to some of the best Asian food in Las Vegas. Whether you explore by yourself or with a friend, the two-story strip mall offers a great capsule collection to spare you from walking aimlessly all over Chinatown—especially in the 100-plus-degree summer. 

What we recommend above all else are the dessert shops—we wish we could eat the fluffy bingsoo topped with fresh fruit from Sul & Beans every day. If you don’t decide to skip straight to dessert, check out the Korean street food at JMT and CrunCheese, the soup dumplings at ShangHai Taste, and the marble taro bread at 85c Bakery. The Hainanese chicken at the Malaysian restaurant Banana Leaf also deserves a mention, since the cold dish makes for a refreshing meal after wading in a lukewarm pool with the sweaty masses at the day club.

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