Traveler’s Table

Dining at Traveler’s Table, an international cuisine exploratory mission-turned restaurant in Montrose, is a lot like choosing what to eat from a cruise ship buffet. You can order something vaguely Irish along with melted Argentinian cheese, Peruvian oysters with aji amarillo, or pad thai with soft shell crab. Everything arrives smothered in herbs and microgreens and more sauces than your eyes can make sense of. It’s like a Jackson Pollock painting, if the medium were porcini mushroom sauce. While the food feels initially exciting, you’ll eventually get overwhelmed by the number of clashing flavors and mounting salt content that you will need to throw back a Topo Chico to find balance. However, if you’re hosting a Model UN with five friends from five different friend groups from five different continents, Traveler’s Table is a great choice to satisfy nearly everyone. 

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