Melange Creperie

Real ones will remember when Melange Creperie was just a dude posted up on a street corner flipping crepes one-by-one from a tiny cart and you had to scour the Internet to figure out where and when to get them. Gone are the days of such hardship now that Melange Creperie is a fully locked and loaded counter service restaurant in The Heights. There’s even a permanent menu and everything. You can get ham and scrambled eggs crepes for breakfast, crepes stuffed with black beans and cheese, sweet crepes slathered in nutella, and even crepes stuffed with a pecan salad. It’s a smorgasbord. Or a crepe-asbord. It’s a lot of crepes. The cafe stays fairly busy, especially on the weekends, so expect to wait a bit.

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photo credit: Richard Casteel

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