Andes Cafe

Andes Cafe might be snuck into the back corner of Post’s market food court downtown, but the Peruvian restaurant is worth trekking past the other stalls. Make a reservation for the ceviche bar inside of the deep blue stall and watch the staff dress razor clams and sea urchin in spicy, citrus-like aji limó pepper, or smother octopus and crispy squid in bright tiger’s milk sauce. The intensely flavored and beautiful plates aren’t limited to ceviche, though—you can also try lomo saltado stir-fried beef or succulent rotisserie chicken. While hitting up Andes Cafe before a concert at 713 Music Hall next door is a no brainer, the intimate space makes for a great solo meal or casual date night, especially after grabbing a couple beers or cocktails from around the food hall. 

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photo credit: Chelsea Thomas

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