Everyone loves a small town success story, just like everyone loves food trucks serving street tacos. Put the two together, and welcome to Comida. What started out in Longmont as a bright idea in a bright pink taco truck has now become a fast growing cantina franchise making its way across the Front Range.

In setting up shop at The Source, Comida has parked itself in about as perfect a position as possible; regardless of what they do, customer turn-out isn’t going to be a problem. Thankfully, the hard-working values and a quick-but-tasty food focus instilled by its taco truck roots have trickled down the family tree nicely. Comida definitely knows what they do best and they work hard at it. Cheap, but well prepared tacos and quesadillas, a damn fine drink menu, and an energetic openspace atmosphere make even Monday night here feel like Friday. Which is nice - at least until Tuesday morning.

Yes, friends, Comida has successfully pulled off the semi-impossible feat of bringing a good food truck experience indoors, and for that we are grateful. Maybe next they can team up with Uber and bring the also semi-impossible “taco-bar-in-the-car” experience to our rides home. Dare to dream.

Food Rundown

Salty Roasted Jalapeños

Good if you like hot stuff, but those averse to spicy should steer clear -these can numb your whole face. Otherwise these taste just like the description reads - roasty salty goodness.

Comida review image

Queso Fundido

A good starter option if you want something to dip your chips in, but don’t want guacamole. We like to get it with the chorizo. So will you.

Seasonal Ceviche

If you go for the jalapeños, this order brings balance to help cool things off. Also a pretty standard ceviche no matter the season, so you’ll most likely be pleased regardless of what’s featured.

Not ’Yo Nachos

A sht ton of flavor with some diverse cheese blends, but also a sht ton of nachos. These will fill you up unless you have a group of 4-6, and there’s too much other good stuff on the menu to let that happen.

Comida review image


At $4 a pop, you might as well order all of these to test out what you like, then order more of what you liked. Here are the ones we like.

Stella’s Pork Carnitas

Pork braised in Stella (yes, the beer), sweet potato mash, and pineapple habanero salsa. The salsa sometimes takes over on these, but if that’s the case it’s easy enough to dust off. Always a go-to for us.

The Situation

Basically a steak version of the pork carnitas, but the meat is braised in Negra Modelo (si, cerveza). Flavors are less strong on this one compared to the Stella’s taco, but that makes it much easier to eat five of them.

Camerones a la Diabla

Spicy shrimp tacos that will beat most other spicy shrimp tacos in the city. The jalapeño grits are a nice touch. Not as good as the Torchy’s Baja Shrimp, but we don’t live in Austin, so deal with it.


Like the tacos, you need to order a bunch of these to share. A bit pricier but more filling and delicious.

Roasted Chicken

Yeah, these are simple. But everyone knows that the key to a good quesadilla is simplicity. Chicken, cheese, good spices, great tortilla. That’s the business.

Sombra Shroom

Best of the veggie options, and eats like a steak quesadilla. Filling and flavorful. What’s that, you can add another protein to these? Don’t mind if we do.