The Starboard

As you approach Dewey Beach, you’re greeted by The Starboard’s LED billboard displaying graphics that were probably made on Microsoft Paint in 2005. Messages like “Best Bloody Mary in Delaware!”, “Entertainment 7 Nights A Week!”, and “Never a Cover!” flip on the sign, which might lure you into what we can only describe as a party labyrinth.

Locals and tourists alike pack in sardine style, sipping grapefruit crushes and singing along to a cover band that may or may not have played at your parent’s high school prom. The menu is about the size of a poster board and has things like Old Bay eggs benedict, Old Bay chicken tenders, and Old Bay shrimp—this is Delaware, after all. It’s all pretty solid, and great for a group hang, hangover recovery brunch (their DIY Bloody Mary bar is what dreams are made of), or sitting by one of their outdoor fire pits to watch a game on the big screen.

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