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How To Make An El Diablo

It doesn’t get as much attention as the Margarita or the Paloma, but the El Diablo is still a top-notch tequila cocktail.

It doesn’t get as much attention as the Margarita or Paloma, but that doesn’t mean the El Diablo is in any way inferior to those other tequila cocktails. Once you make one, you might even refuse to drink anything else. Sure, that would be a little strange - but such is the power of this juicy, spicy highball that’s perfect for enjoying on your stoop. Just keep in mind that quality ginger beer is a necessity.

How It Tastes: Spicy, complex, like it’s somehow greater than the sum of its parts

Drink If You Like:Dark & Stormys, Moscow Mules

How To Make An El Diablo cocktail image

photo credit: Emily Schindler

The El Diablo

You’ll Need:

Makes one El Diablo

  • Ice

  • Highball

  • 1.75 ounces blanco tequila

  • .5 ounce creme de cassis

  • .75 ounce lime juice

  • 4 ounces ginger beer

Step One: Lime Juice

Tequila and lime juice go together like peanut butter and pretzels or quality bit parts and J.K. Simmons, so it should come as no surprise that you’re going to add (fresh) lime juice to this drink. Put .75 ounce in your cocktail shaker.

Step Two: Creme De Cassis

If you’re unfamiliar, creme de cassis is a blackcurrant-flavored liqueur that you can find at a lot of liquor stores. It’s a great addition to white or sparkling wine - but if you have trouble finding it, Chambord (a raspberry liqueur) will do just fine. Add .5 ounce creme de cassis (or Chambord) to your shaker.

Step Three: Tequila

For most cocktails, we tend to recommend blanco (or silver) tequila, because it tends to work best with other ingredients. The El Diablo is no exception. Add 1.75 ounces blanco to your cocktail shaker.

Step Four: Shake

Give everything a vigorous 15-second shake, then pour the contents of your shaker into a highball filled to the rim with ice. Or, if you don’t have a shaker on hand, just pour all your ingredients straight into a highball. We typically wouldn’t tell you to do this - but in this case, shaking only makes for a slight improvement, and your El Diablo will be delicious either way.

Step Five: Ginger Beer

Finally, top with ginger beer. It should be around 4 ounces - and a quality ginger beer (like Fever Tree) is key. It should be intensely gingery, and, no, ginger ale is not the same thing. For a garnish, go with a lime wedge, a lime wheel, or, if you have some candied ginger, that works too. And if you want to make a spicy version next, check out this Jalapeño Tequila tutorial.

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