Sideshow Gelato

Like the liger, pumapard, or extremely rare wholphin, Sideshow Gelato is a hybrid that’s hard to wrap your mind around. This Lincoln Square gelato spot/magic show venue looks like an old-timey circus exploded in an ice cream shop, complete with cars from everyone’s favorite carnival ride—the Scrambler—mounted to walls as seating. Plus, nearly everyone working behind the counter is an amateur magician or performer, so a scoop of gelato may come with a sleight-of-hand trick. The gelato itself leans a little icy, but there are lots of unique flavors (like the bourbon, tobacco, and candied orange combo) that are quite tasty, plus a variety of vegan options too. While it’s unlikely an evil clown will jump out at you while you’re eating, we can’t guarantee you won’t be approached by a roving magician or balloon artist.

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