Cuchi Cuchi is permanently closed

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Cuchi Cuchi

$$$$(617) 864-2929
Hours:SUNDAY5:30PM to 1:00AM

We’ve never been to a 1920s era underground casino (because time travel is impossible, not because we don’t want to go), but we imagine they’d look a lot like Cuchi Cuchi in Central Square. With curtains on the windows, stained glass behind the bar, and a bunch of those old-fashioned tassel lamps, Cuchi Cuchi would be the perfect place to put on a fedora, give a secret password at the door, and play some blackjack against a guy named Snakes. Unfortunately they don’t actually have any table games, but they do have a large menu of small plates and good cocktails. The drinks are better than the food, so your best play is to use it as bar hang-out.

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