Bar Cañete

To get into Cañete, you’ll undoubtedly have to wait in line for 30 minutes as people with sharp shoulders push by, saying they know so-and-so in a bid to skip to the front (don't worry, they’ll be told to wait just like everyone else). The hectic journey to that comfortable bar seat will be a distant memory once you’re devouring the red tuna tartare, grilled baby scallops, squid and white bean stew, and chicken cannelloni.

Nowhere in Barcelona rivals the sheer quality of this classic bar, and it’s priced accordingly—don’t expect this meal to be budget friendly (or quick, for that matter). When they ask if you want tomato bread, the answer should be a resounding “¡Sí!”. And while you're at it, order a local Catalan Montsant red or a Godello white from the north of Spain.

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