The Tailor Shop Bar & Foodery

Calling The Tailor Shop a fully-fledged food hall would be like calling our dinner of Hot Pockets and ice cream a multi-course omakase, but that hasn’t stopped The Tailor Shop from adopting the title and kicking things off with a couple different options. Currently, it’s home to two food vendors: Pizzeria Grata, and Taqueria 1836. 

Think of this food hall on South Lamar near Menchaca Road more like one large, central bar with a couple of ghost kitchens in the back. Ordering takes place via QR code, which just makes it easy to post up at a picnic table on the large patio with a couple of margaritas while you and your party wait for pizza, calzones, birria tacos, and ceviches to arrive from their respective kitchens. The Neapolitan pies at Pizzeria Grata are some of our favorite in town, with beautifully blistered and chewy crusts that we think about often. Make sure to grab an order of Americana pizza rolls while you’re there—they come stuffed with bacon marmalade, garlic confit, and plenty of cheese—then grab a couple of pies for the table. And if you’re not in the mood for cheese and dough, the tacos at Taqueria 1836 are a pretty solid bet. The Tailor shop might still be a food hall in its infancy, but we’re excited to see what it grows up to become.