P Thai's Khao Man Gai

Prior to P Thai's, Austin didn’t really have a spot dedicated to khao man gai—the savory chicken-and-rice Thai specialty—and for that alone, this spot (from the same chef behind Thai Kun) is worth checking out. Add in the location at the back of the relatively quiet Hong Kong Supermarket near 183 and Ohlen, and it feels a little like dining in the speakeasy equivalent of a restaurant. The menu is small, featuring just a fried and poached version of the dish, plus pork belly. But between the rich, flavorful meat, the various add-ons, and the two spicy dipping sauces—there’s one made from fermented bean and ginger, and another sweet chili option—any other items on the menu would just end up feeling neglected. 

P Thai's Khao Man Gai review image

photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

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