La Cocina De Consuelo

Stepping into La Cocina de Consuelo feels a bit like throwing on an old familiar jacket on a crisp winter morning. It’s comforting in a way that only a combination of time, quality, and finding a folded-up $5 bill you’d forgotten about can provide. Breakfast and lunch are the specialty at this converted Rosedale house, featuring a range of classic, morning-friendly Mexican comfort dishes, like machacado and eggs, barbacoa, and huevos rancheros—all served with a side of fluffy, house-made flour tortillas (you can also get corn or whole wheat). Grab a mug from the bookshelf and serve yourself a cup of coffee. Before 11am, you can order a burrito and take all the assembly work out of the picture. For lunch you can get dishes like enchiladas, chicken flautas, and fish tacos—plus a few Tex-Mex leaning dishes, in case you have a codependent relationship with chips and queso. And they’ll all get the job done pretty well. But there’s a reason it’s difficult to find a table here in the mornings, and we’ll let you piece together why that is. 

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photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

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