El Naranjo

The restaurant El Naranjo serves traditional Oaxacan food out of a bright, modern, and sometimes loud space at the bottom of a newish apartment building on South Lamar. The menu constantly changes, but you can count on certain dishes to always be there, like the ceviche de la semana, queso Oaxaca fundido, and an enormous tlayuda Oaxaquena, served with a fiery red salsa. The restaurant is probably most known for its homemade nixtamalized corn tortillas and traditional moles. We’re especially fans of the deep, rich, nutty mole negro that’s served with the expertly seared duck breast—it’s plated in a minimalist style, simply with rice. You’ll also find a long menu of mezcal-based cocktails, Mexican wines, and a boisterous brunch on Sundays (the best place to sit is at the sunny wraparound bar).

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