Bob's Steak And Chop House

I don’t know who Bob is, but the man knows his way around a grill. Whether you’re looking to meat-rage your way into a bout of gout and severe indigestion, or are a reasonable person looking for a satisfying meal, Bob’s has the right size and cut of steak for you. Bob’s also cooks their meat in sizzling butter, sending it into another stratosphere of enjoyability. The menu adheres to a traditional steakhouse formula offering additional options like seafood, salads, and desserts.

The major lacking aspect of Bob’s is its bland atmosphere, which feels like it would be more at home in a Houston strip mall than in the middle of the 2nd Street nightlife scene. If you voted for George Bush, you’ll probably breathe a sigh of relief at its conservative white tablecloth approach within such close proximity to the dirty hippies threatening to steal your tax dollars outside the door. Its location lends itself to being an excellent dinner choice before an ACL taping across the street at The Moody Theater or at the nearby Paramount Theater. Bob’s is certainly not cheap, but we always feel like we’re getting our money’s worth here.

You’re a good man, Bob.

Food Rundown

Prime Filet Mignon

Available in 9, 12, and 16 ounces. This steak is lean and dangerously flavorful. Pair it up with some red wine and open your mind up to the stars above.

Prime Porterhouse

The 28 ounce steak fit for a king. Think of your Neanderthal relatives who survived generations of cold winters and lands conquered so you could get to this point in life, to eat this steak. Cherish how much of a bad motherfcker you are.

Seafood Of The Day

They change the selection often, but it’s typically worthy of going toe-to-toe with the steaks for your stomach’s real estate.