The Sun Dial

Remember when The Sun Dial was the "peak" of fine dining in Atlanta? We do. But like so many rotating restaurants these days, this Downtown spot feels like an overpriced tourist trap. That said, it's still upscale American dining that's ideal for impressing your out-of-town friends. The 73rd-floor restaurant in the Westin provides 360-degree panoramic skyline views—first-rate, because Sun Dial remains one of the tallest buildings in the city. It's no longer a prom and anniversary hotspot. Instead, corporate types slide into the curved leather booths and hotel guests throw on their best fits to take pictures over a plate of bernaise-drenched lobster thermidor. And the food, even with sky high prices (entrées start at $50, and get your mind right to pay $65 for a plate of fried chicken), and the attentive service are still respectable.