Ms. Iceys Kitchen & Bar

With so much good food coming out of this Decatur shopping center, it’s hard to split your loyalties. But if you’re hungry for a sceney mood with an excellent meal, Ms. Icey’s is the place. Much like their sister restaurant Apt 4B, a DJ booth near the entrance keeps the joint energized with clubby tunes. Every inch of the space–from the tropical-looking patio to the high-top tables around the bar—fills in with groups thirsty for party vibes with their sorrel mimosas. Unlike 4B, Ms. Icey’s menu narrows the focus on Jamaican foods. The tasty ackee and saltfish gives what it’s supposed to give, though the meager serving leaves you wanting more. Just order a flaky beef patty and the spiced, smoky mac & cheese starters, and you’ll be set.