Ponce City Market is filled with an overwhelming number of places to eat, to the point where choosing one feels a bit like playing restaurant roulette. If you walk in one direction, you’ll end up at a burger place, and if you go the other way, an Indian spot, or at one of the other 20+ restaurants here. But rather than leave it to chance and find yourself at that weird place that only sells cookie dough, just go to Minero for some great tacos and a cocktail instead.

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photo credit: Neighborhood Dining Group

This Mexican restaurant does all of the simple things really well, from margaritas to carnitas, but it all starts with their tortillas, which are made in-house every morning from their own fresh masa. You’ll want to get some tacos al pastor, or the huge $10 burrito, which should cover you for at least two meals. Since Minero is one of the few restaurants at PCM with access to the outdoor patio, it’s also where you should go when you want to have a drink outside, but aren’t quite hungry yet. Trust us, nothing will sound better after a margarita than a few tacos, some guacamole, or an order of their grilled wings.

So the next time you get turned around on the BeltLine and somehow find yourself at Ponce City Market without a clue of what’s good, just know you can bet on Minero.

Food Rundown

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Wings

These wings come shaken up in a bag with Valentina hot sauce and go very well with the cold cocktail you have in your hand.

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Taco Al Pastor

The tacos al pastor are the best thing on the menu and you should 100% get some to go before you leave.

Lunch Taco Combo Plate

For $13 you get two tacos, rice, beans, and some charred broccoli with a very spicy sauce. If you’re looking for variety, along with extra vegetables, this is your best bet.

The Burrito

The burrito here is so big that you’ll be amazed it’s held together by a single tortilla. Get it with grilled steak, but know that it also come with rice, beans, cheese, crema, cabbage, avocado, and poblano pepper.

Pork Carnitas

Minero serves a few platters, but this one with carnitas, rice, salsa verde, squash, and spicy pepitas is our favorite. It’s a good way to enjoy Minero on the days you’re not feeling like eating something in a tortilla. But don’t worry, because it also comes with tortillas for the days you are.

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