Cultivate Food & Coffee

Cultivate sits on the slightly calmer end of Howell Mill, north of I-75. And those laid-back vibes are amplified in a casual space that showcases stark white walls, cube floor tiling, and big, bold windows. There’s a European café feel, but enough bacon and biscuits are on the menu to keep you grounded. Work-from-anywhere types sip espresso and tap away at keyboards. Off-the-clockers nibble on sunny-side-up eggs and yap away about everything. On your next breakfast visit, you may not overhear anyone talking specifically about the hot chicken and waffles, but you probably should. The standard fried breast is given new life under an almost ketchup-y sauce that somehow works. Pair the dish with a basil lemonade tea and you, too, will join the growing assembly of brunch regulars here.