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11 Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery Options From Restaurants Across The U.S.

Because making your own pies, mashed potatoes, and turkey from scratch is overrated anyway.

At its best, Thanksgiving is a holiday when people you love gather over a meal, and at its worst is a conduit for your weird aunt’s conspiracy theories. Either way, the highlight of your day should always be the food, preferably if you don't have to do any of the cooking. Thankfully, you can order turkey, sides, and pies from great restaurants all over the country. On this guide, you’ll find everything from rich pecan pies and Kansas City-style barbecue you only need to reheat to dumplings filled with turkey and stuffing. The best part is that it's all available for delivery on Goldbelly so you don’t even have to schedule a restaurant pickup.


Commander’s Palace

You can get an entire Thanksgiving dinner delivered from this New Orleans classic that’s known for gumbo, turtle soup, and other Creole dishes. The meal comes with pre-cooked and sliced herb butter-injected turkey, fluffy molasses and sea salt sweet potatoes, tasso and andouille stuffing, plus a whole pecan pie. You can also add on an order of rich turkey gravy, made with 48-hour stock, cognac-flambéed giblets, and fresh rosemary. 

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

If you’re not into a traditional turkey main (which, we don’t blame you), a barbecue meat spread is an excellent alternative. The Slaughterhouse Five package from Kansas City’s Joe’s KC BBQ has plenty to offer, from smoked sliced turkey and brisket to pulled pork and bottles of barbecue sauce. The spread can serve as your Thanksgiving centerpiece, but you could also repurpose the meats into sliders or any other dish. For those worried about possibly setting their house on fire, each kit comes with simple reheating instructions.


New York’s Ilili offers a Thanksgiving kit with turkey breast, dark meat, stock, and some Lebanese brussels sprouts with mint yogurt, grapes, and fig jam. Though the package has a $300 price tag, it’ll cover everything you need to keep 4-6 people hungry and happy throughout the holiday, with things like roasted sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Lido Kosher Delicatessen

Lido Kosher Deli is a Long Island institution, and also serves as a one-stop shop for kosher Thanksgiving essentials. Their Thanksgiving spread serves 4-6 people, is great for accommodating dietary restrictions (everything is Certified Kosher, dairy, and nut-free), and comes with freshly sliced turkey, stuffing, cranberry compote, and gravy. For dessert, Lido includes some sweet potato pudding—a great alternative for folks that are less into pie.

The Goddess and Grocer

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the least vegan-friendly holidays, so make life easier for yourself or your guests by ordering a premade spread from Chicago’s Goddess and Grocer. The kit feeds two people, which is perfect if you’re avoiding the travel madness, and comes with stuffed acorn squashes, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brussels sprouts. Goddess and Grocer also does a non-vegan package that serves four people, so order both if you plan to host your cousin’s boyfriend who's allergic to everything and your friends who appreciate lots of dish options. 

Panbury's Double Crust Pies

If you’re like Abbott Elementary’s Gregory and don’t like traditional pies (as he says, “fruit should not be hot”), Panbury’s savory meat and vegetable pies are a way for you to still get to incorporate some flaky crust into your holiday meal. The handpies are definitey British, but Panbury does other flavors like chicken tikka masala, veggie Thai curry, and steak and stout. Choose any three flavors for a total of six handpies, which can be split up as appetizers, or served alone for a single serving of pure comfort. 

Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery

Sure, you’re supposed to be grateful and gracious during Thanksgiving, but sometimes the spirit of the holiday is also about flexing on your family and neighbors at the dinner table. The Levee High Caramel Pie from Blue Owl Bakery does just that—the pie uses 18(!) apples, is the size and shape of a bowling ball, and comes with caramel sauce and pecans to top it all off after it comes out of the oven. Each pie weighs 10 pounds and is sure to be a showstopper among every other Thanksgiving dessert.

Mimi Cheng's

Mimi Cheng’s is a solid New York spot to get kinda-fancy dumplings, but they also offer national shipping. They’re always doing monthly specials, and for Thanksgiving, you can get a dumpling remix on the classic plate with the perfect amount of turkey, stuffing, and gravy in each bite. If you're worried about ditching tradition completely, rest assured the kit also comes with homemade cranberry sauce. 

Goode Company BBQ

If you’re craving a sweet Southern dessert, Houston’s Goode Co Barbecue makes an excellent pecan pie that also can be gifted to a host in its elegant wooden box. The pre-baked pie means you don’t have to worry about blind baking a crust to enjoy a pecan-packed slice. One pie serves up to 10 people, which makes the gift set a steal for less than $75.

Cootie Brown's

Two desserts are always better than one, and nothing exemplifies this better than Cootie Brown’s pumpkin pie cheesecake. The 10-inch pie comes with two distinct layers of spiced pumpkin and cheesecake, all held together with a graham cracker crust. There’s also a cute pumpkin design dusted on the pie’s surface, although you might feel a bit guilty about cutting into something so pretty for the first slice.

Thacher & Rye

Whether you never were a fan of turkey in the first place or you just need fewer things to think about on Thanksgiving Day, you can order an assortment of sides from Thacher and Rye to ensure your holiday runs smoothly. The kit comes with everything but the turkey— braised kale, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, cornbread stuffing, brussels sprouts, and a fall greens salad, all for $220. Each dish can be easily heated, so you can serve it to your friends and family as if you made it—we won’t tell anybody. 

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