Clyde's of Gallery Place

Your boss has worked your last nerve all day, but you don’t want that to ruin your big night out, so it’s time to grab a cocktail and unwind. Clyde’s will get you right. Climb the stairs to the second floor, a bit away from the crowd, where you can settle in at the old-school heavy wooden bar or at one of the hightops by the railing. Drinks are pricey here (between $15-20 for a cocktail), but they’re strong, so you’ll get your money’s worth, and there’s also a decent alcohol-free menu.  The drinks are spot on, though the food is under seasoned and kind of boring, so this isn’t a dinner spot unless you simply can’t fathom chicken tender and fries in the arena. There’s an entrance to Capital One right across the sidewalk so you can indulge  until the very last minute.

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