Marutama Ra-men

There are some things that are bad to customize, like family photos on sequin pillow covers. Being able to customize at Marutama Ra-men, though, is why it’s is one of our favorite places to get ramen in Vancouver. Get their signature Tamago Ramen and choose your spice level (either mild or spicy - or ask for a side of their spicy sauce) and your noodle firmness (soft is ‘yawamen’ and al dente is ‘katamen’), then sprinkle some garlic chips and sesame seeds on top. You can order an extra egg, seaweed or braised pork to your bowl or add pork belly. And if you want an essentially bottomless bowl of ramen, keep adding extra noodles or broth for a few dollars, which if you do enough times you technically never have to stop eating while you’re here.

Marutama Ra-men review image